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Ashes of Twisting Nether is a semi-core raiding guild which have been around for several years, started on Hellscream and migrated to Twisting Nether.
We want progress but we also want to have fun while doing it.
Raid days: Wed-Sun-Mon
Raid times: 20:00-23:30

Into the holidays and dark months as December we have had a big issue with people slacking and don't attend, and we have zero tolerance for people who slacks and cant even bother to log in and decline the raid invite.

So we have set up some rules that needs to be followed if you are a member of Ashes of Twisting Nether:

  • You need to be logged in 30 minutes before the raid starts so you can prepare yourself with flasks,pots,food and such. Game invites starts 15-10 minutes before raid time. DonĀ“t show up unprepared
  • You need to have at least the same progress as Ashes have at the moment, if you have more progress/experience then its just a big + for you.
  • You need to have a working microphone and working teamspeak 3 so you can communicate with us during the encounters and raid time.
  • Applicants are expected to maintain 95%+ attendance during their trial period and members are expected to maintain 90%+ during raid time. We are very understanding of necessary absences for real life obligations. Provided that the player notifies the guild of the dates of their absence there is no issue.
  • You have to be able to take criticism if you are doing something wrong or if we know that you can improve on something. We will never be mean and we will tell it to you in a good maner.

We will comment your application and here i will explain what the comments mean:

Pendin: We have seen your application and will investigate and talk within the officers.
Contact officer: Whisper us in game or throw us a pm in the homepage, this means we want to talk a bit with you.
Accepted: You are accepted as a trail, throw us a in game whisper when you are ready for the guild invite.
Accepted Social: Accepted as social only, and will not be in our raiding team.
Declined: Means that we are sorry to say that you are not what we are looking for atm, but you are still wellcome as social.

Officers:Palasbrain, Ordeah, Deya,Volathor

Mistweaver/Windwalker monk.
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