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Trained / Feb 07, 2013
Great work members of Ashes!

No we have some left :) but we are progressing and its good!

Keep the spirit up!

Dont forget that we need herbs and that we will not be able to provide flasks and pots to each and everyone if not all starts to help.

In the end if we dont get enough donations we will only provide flasks and pots to the donators.

// Ashes
Trained / Jan 15, 2013
Great work team of Ashes!

We did manage to kill 2 bosses we never killed before, and for me its great to see!
That Ashes finally can move on, and get things going.

We are not going to be stuck on last boss, we will kill it. There is no maybe there is only victory :)

We will soon start going MSV HC, and gets some improvement gear.